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Where is St. Joseph Bay?
St. Joseph Bay is a bay is on the Gulf Coast of the U.S. state of Florida. The bay is located in Gulf County between Apalachicola and Panama City. The town of Port St. Joe is on St. Joseph Bay. St. Joseph Bay is west of the mainland, east and north of Cape San Blas, and east of St. Joseph Peninsula. The north end of the bay is a narrow opening to the Gulf of Mexico. The bay is approximately 15 miles long north to south and 6 miles wide at its widest point. The waters of St. Joseph Bay form the St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve and the St. Joseph Bay Aquatic Preserve. The St. Joseph Peninsula forms the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park.

What about the history of the bay?
The Spanish established Presidio Bahía San José de Valladares on St. Joseph Bay in 1701. The French established Fort Crevecouer on the shores of St. Joseph Bay opposite St. Joseph Point. Then the French captured the Presidio Bahía San José de Valladares the next year. Under pressure from Spain, the French then abandoned Fort Crevecouer. The boom town of St. Joseph founded on the shores of St. Joseph Bay in 1835. The town prospered, but a yellow fever epidemic in 1841 drove most the residents away. The new town of Port St. Joe was built a couple of miles north of the site of the old town of St. Joseph around 1910. The impetus for this was when the Apalachicola Northern Railroad build a branch line to the Bay.

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